Isle of Vapes Toyota Hilux Invincible

The Isle of Vapes Toyota Hilux is probably one the most challenging jobs that has been undertaken fir us, for a couple of reasons .. firstly the two logo supplied were grainy low quality JPG images, these don’t convert well when cutting graphics, so hours upon hours were spent re-drawing them for the correct application and too retain nice smooth lines, the two most complex images were the Isle of Vapes main logo and the secondary company logo Isle of Custard.

Isle of Custard Vape Truck 4x4 pickup

The second challenge was that this Pick-up was done in the middle of the winter and the temperature was about 3˚C which is not an ideal temperature at all, this made application very difficult and not to mention the Vinyl tears when its cold. These were the days of being mobile only thank goodness we have premises now!

Isle of Vapes Toyota Hilux

The extra effort was worth it, as this truck makes a statement and just using black graphics makes this more impressive. This ranks as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding outcomes that we’ve done here at Sticker’D. Its worth mentioning that this job was done a while back, and is being posted as we are now in a position to spend time updating our website.

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