Manufacturing the vinyl into a useable product for the person that I’ve made it for, is and can be a very challenging step and be a big part of the time process that is creating a sticker.

Small Doesn’t mean easy, quick or cheap
That’s right, you know if the sticker is just a few words about 10cm long, in a bold thick text then great its not going to put up much of a fight, but if its complex with artwork, fine lines and narrow text, its going to take me a lot longer, therefore the cost of designing & making a prototype sticker is very varied.

More means less
Once we’ve ascertained that the design you have in mind is viable or at least one we can compromise on, you really have to decide how many you need, I can offer a better price if you buy more than just a few! The more you order the better the individual cost will be, especially if you have to make a little profit on them.

How do you make them?
That’s a secret! No, its not but its not that interesting it has 6 parts after the design stage:

  1. Load – Vinyl rolls are loaded onto the Cutter.
  2. The program sends the design to the Cutter and it begins its phase.
  3. The cutter, ‘scores’ the vinyl by blade applying a pre-set force.
  4. After the earache of the plotter, the vinyl is then in-loaded
  5. Next comes ‘weeding’ this takes time and patience, it is the process of removing what isn’t needed in the final sticker, as you remove the excess the design slowly appears.
  6. Not done yet, we now have apply a backing to the sticker, either paper or clear plastic.
  7. Now were almost done, we have to cut up the sheet into individual stickers, then we are done! Phew!