Design is the most important work that I do, getting the design right for the project is the upmost importance to me whilst in the flow of designing a logo, because it has to fit the media that I’m designing for whether that be, cut vinyl, printed media or a website.

Stickers aside, as most people know what that want when it comes to the small 1 off sticker, normally a sticker for a bike or car, the process begins with the first step: Discovery

This is the first meeting and will last up to 45 minutes, in this session I will find out what is needed for the design and what the client’s ‘vision’ of the idea will look like. This can be a business idea, a car design or website… in fact almost any idea for any medium that requires a design to be made in the digital format. After the session I will then decide if I can take on the clients work.

Shh.. I’m thinking…
There are many ways that I come up with the design, this stage is obviously the most challenging but ultimately the most rewarding, this is the process that I can not easily explain.. anything goes here, pencil drawings, notes, freehand, brainstorming. the idea can take it’s time or come in an instant, that’s the nature of this part, but its one of the parts I love.

Firm the design.
This stage is when I take all my rough ideas and sketches and create the idea in it’s digital form, depending on the complexity will depend on how long it takes, anywhere from a few hours to days for a complex design or idea.

Get the right Format.
After the design is created in its first digital instance, its then time to convert the design into the file types that are needed for the final product, what mean by this is that for instance if it were a web graphic, it would need to be in a PNG (Portable Network Graphic) or maybe a JPG file of which is widely used in a lot of formats including digital photography. If all that was needed was the design then this would be job complete, otherwise its onto manufacture..

it’s just a sticker.. well this is just one part of that sticker that most people believe is only worth a couple of pounds