The Project Dragonfly story

It’s been a relatively big task, but finally we’ve cracked it out. Mark from Island Recon and FPS came to me with an idea that he had been thinking of for a while and had taken the first steps. It’s called ‘Project Dragonfly’ which is all about Quad Copter racing in first person view.

The first task was design a Logo for the new venture, given that the colours were to be black and yellow, mark even drew a small drawing of the concept, which had to incorporate the ‘Y’ into the design of the copter body.

Designing new logo’s is always a process on client input and changes, starting with the concept drawing, curtesy of Mark

This is the first interpretation of the idea, however the through constant brain storming and adjust we end up with the final draft, I generally show both the 1st and final design as sometimes the customer may prefer the first rendition.

So the final design has been decided, and this is what we will use for all of the media for Mark’s ‘Project Dragonfly’

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