Project Dragonfly Part 2

Part 2 of the Project Dragonfly story, continues with the next part of the story, you may be wondering why I’m dedicating a whole section to this particular job? well I love a challenge in part, but above all I love helping startup’s achieve the right result at the beginning of their idea or project.

I like to get as much information from clients as I can, and that involves sitting down with them and working out what angle that they are coming from, because it is important to put your own touch on something that you want to try, especially if its a community based project like a club.

After spending some time with Mark, its very clear that he is a people person through and through and this has to come out when doing his designs and the future plans that he wants to work with, he is driven to bring people together in his clubs, already a reality in Island Recon and FPS, which are very popular clubs and speaking personally I’ve been shooting at FPS and it is a great , warm atmosphere where everyone is both supportive and competitive  in the best possible way.

We set out to create a focal point, now whether its too much or you love it, it does do one thing: gets people talking, this being the objective we laid out plans on how to best achieve this and these pictures are the results.

So, with the design firmly agreed we spent three days going over the layout on the van, scrubbing the original idea for the van , to now include three clubs that Mark runs, those being Island Recon, FPS and now the new project dragonfly.

So, here we are, the pics of the Delicia from the days spent on it:

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