Vinyl Wrapping

When Thinking of Vinyl Wrapping, most will be thinking of cars, which is the most mainstream idea of wrapping . However it’s not limited to just cars or vehicles even, I’ve wrapped some items that just wouldn’t consider as an option and frankly wrapping unusual items gets over-looked.

I have wrapped; Kitchen units, fridges, vending machines, gaming consoles, walls, doors and that list will undoubtedly grow over time so here’s a few things I’ve wrapped mostly in black, but lots of other finishes are available.

Wight Vending – Vending Machine Wrap

This particular job came from Wight Vending, they had leased out a vending machine and it came back with lots of superficial damage, some from wear an tear, but some intentional damage. We wrapped the sides in matte black wrap, because wrap is reasonably thick it covers most of the damage and as can be seen from the picture it looks 100% better