Prices from May 1st 2018

Signage : Vans and Commercial

Small Vans :      £140
Basic Signage, 1 colour, text and logo, 4 sides £140.00 (Berlingo, Astravan, etc)
Medium Vans: £180
Basic Signage, 1 colour, text and logo, 4 sides £180.00 (Transit SWB, Vivaro)
Large Vans:     £220
Basic Signage, 1 colour, text and/or logo, 4 sides £220.00 (Transit Hightop, Sprinter)

Bespoke or Custom Van Signage:
For those looking for a more specific or dramatic impact we offer a bespoke design service, Prices vary but start from £320 and are entirely dependant on how much work is involved and the size of the Van.

Signage :Non Commercial vehicles

Cars, Trucks and other Vehicles:
Usually people are looking for something different in this category, and we have done a few very complex and striking designs for cars and other vehicles, who are not necessarily a business.  These jobs generally start at £500 for cars , but this again depends on what the design involves.  We are quite happy to chat to anyone wishing to enquire about this type of custom graphics.

Vinyl Wrapping

Prices stated are based on white or black wrap (other colours at extra cost), condition of paintwork and size of the area to be wrapped

Car Bonnet: Prices from £150 supplied and fitted based on small car (fiesta size)

Car Roof: Prices from £180 supplied and fitted based on small car (fiesta size)

Wing Mirror Covers : Prices Start from £60 for a pair, based on the wing mirror being a cover.

Grilles : Prices start from £90 depending on the complexity and size of the grill

MotorBikes: Bikes vary massively in their shape and complexity please see our posts, but full plastics wraps start at £60 per panel

Please note we do not wrap using customer supplied vinyl

All vehicles or panels will need to be apprised before booking in for any work.

Please use the contact form if you like a quote to wrap something other than above.

Custom Car  Graphics:

Custom Pin Striping:
We offer a pin striping service with the added option have the pinstripe custom designed around your idea, although prices aren’t fixed as the ideas can be radically different a two colour pinstripe with a car emblem starts at £180, which includes design, manufacture and fitment.

Custom Contour Striping:
Contour striping are thick or thin stripes that typically follow the lines of the body work to emphasise the cars lines and can make the vehicle look more aggressive, vehicle wrap is used for the technique and a special tape that cuts the vinyl, the whole design is done by hand and doesn’t involve a cutter. the results can be amazing and very gratifying. Prices from £200 for one or more stripes on both sides.

Bulk Stickers:

Single Colour Cut vinyl:
Stickers are most economical when bought in quantities, 1 off sticker cost £5.00 plus design fee but buying more in one go makes them cost effective:

below is based on a single colour , 10cm x 3cm and paper backed

Design Fee: £20.00 per hour
1-5       Stickers   – £5.00 each
6-10     Stickers  – £4.00 each
11-25   Stickers – £2.50 each
26-50   Stickers – £1.75 each
51-100 Stickers – £1.50 each


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